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Greetings & Welcome!

This community began as a result of a WordPress course earlier this year in July. Once the course concluded, we formed a group on Facebook to continue supporting each other through subsequent WordPress courses. As Café Blog grew, we decided to strengthen our Social Media presence by creating a Facebook page and this blog! We’re now looking beyond our initial purpose since most of us are done with the courses; we’re now focused on helping each other grow our blogs while learning more about life in the blogosphere.

This blog is all about highlighting featured posts by the members of our community. By subscribing to this blog, you get great posts by our community bloggers all in one place. Every Friday, our members submit a post they’d like considered for a featured post. We then vote on the submissions and the 5 posts with the most votes are featured here, one per day Monday through Friday. We will include a short bio of the author of each featured post and a link to their blog so that you, our subscribers, can visit the author’s blog if you’d like to read more of their posts. It’s our way of promoting our bloggers more actively; we know how great they are and we want you to know, too!

To Get You Started…

  • Please bear with us! We’re a work-in-progress, as this is a newly created blog. Watch this space and you’ll see progress in the coming weeks.
  • Visit our Blog Page for all of our communities featured posts and be prepared for some really great writing! 🙂

Before You Leave…

  • Please Follow this blog or Subscribe via Email. Your continued visits are important to us!
  • If you’d like to know more about courses on WordPress, please visit: Blogging University for a list of the courses they offer, dates of enrollment and enrollment form.
  • Use the Contact Form to reach out to this blog’s administrators for more information about any aspect of Café Blog. Participation in WordPress courses is not a requirement, but help is always available, should you decide to enroll.

3 comments on “Home

  1. hallenterprises132
    29 November 2015

    Needs a little polish, but everything had to start somewhere!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. SteveB
    30 November 2015

    Followed! Great idea.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. mariaholm
    1 December 2015

    I admire your creativity Carol and co

    Liked by 1 person

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